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Power when you need it

Marine & Boat Batteries

Battery Zone! 

The comprehensive range of Yuasa Seafarer batteries have been designed to meet all your marine power requirements. With robust design and superior power you can rely on your Yuasa battery to start your boat's engine, run on-board accessories and, most importantly, get you back to shore safely.

In addition, all Yuasa Seafarer batteries are manufactured to the highest standards to handle the rigours of wave-pounding, engine vibration and impact from trailer transportation. Thicker battery plates, denser active material and specialist separators deliver superior starting power for high compression engines and extra reserve capacity to run on-board accessories.


Seafarer 580 (M57MF)

580 CCA | 750 MCA | 52 AH
  • For boats with engines up to 70hp

  • Power for engine starting only

  • Vibration resistant


Seafarer 680 (M24MF)

680 CCA | 880 MCA | 78 AH
  • For boats with engines up to 150hp

  • Power for engine starting, semi-cycling & basic electrics

  • Platelock™ technology for superior vibration resistance


Seafarer 780 (M27MF)

780 CCA | 1000 MCA | 80AH
  • For boats with engines up to 350hp

  • Power for engine starting, semi-cycling & optionelectrics

  • Platelock™ technology for superior vibration resistance

Available in-store only.

Find the battery for your car here: Battery finder

All About AutoCity Auto Electrical

In 2019, Max Pennington’s AutoCity acquired the auto electrical business previously operating as Merv Lucas Auto Electrical, rebranding it to AutoCity Auto Electrical and staffing it with factory-trained and certified technicians. 

Building on the Merv Lucas legacy as AutoCity Auto Electrical

AutoCity Auto Electrical has continued the high quality, trusted services Merv Lucas Auto Electrical had offered Taranaki motorists since 1950.

Existing customers and new clients can now benefit from a hearty list of New Plymouth auto electrical services, bolstered by knowledge and expertise shared between our different entities: AutoCity Auto Electrical, AutoCity Service Departments, AutoCity Panel and Paint, AutoShop Wheel and Tyre, and AutoCity Prestige.

A complete range of Auto Electrical services in New Plymouth

We perform diagnostics, repairs and work to optimise your vehicle’s performance and efficiency. Follow the links below to learn more about our wide range of expertise.

Ideal location next to our AutoCity showroom

Located at 81 Molesworth Street, AutoCity Auto Electrical is situated across the road from our New Plymouth showroom.

Our experienced and lateral-thinking technicians provide a full range of auto electrical services designed to meet the demands of the increasingly complex electrical components fitted in modern vehicles.


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81 Molesworth Street, New Plymouth Central, New Plymouth 4310, New Zealand


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