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Plug & Play 7 Inch Touch Screen With Wireless Apple CarPlay & Android Auto!

Because this head unit mounts on the windscreen or dash, and is powered via the accessory socket, you can
enjoy all the modern conveniences and entertainment including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto without having
to replace your existing head unit. This solution is perfect for applications that are difficult and expensive to retro
fit aftermarket radios to including agricultural vehicles and commercial trucks.

Powered through the cigarette lighter, this head unit is a true plug-and-play solution (compatible with both 12V
and 24v). It literally only takes minutes between unboxing and starting to use CarPlay or Android Auto. Simply
mount the head unit on the windscreen or dashboard, or clip onto an air vent (suction mount & air vent holder
included). It is also compatible with common aftermarket holders (not included). With the options of audio
output into the original head unit either by Auxiliary Out (high quality stereo sound) or by FM Out (top-notch
FM transmission sound quality), this head unit is more than capable of delivering fantastic audio experiences.

The crystal clear display provides a full 178 degree viewing angle. Whats more, the built-in light sensor
automatically adjusts the brightness of the screen according to surrounding lighting.

Another great feature is the front and rear recording DVR crash cameras (both 1080P), which are supplied with
this unit. They both support strong light suppression, which means even if the lights facing the cameras are
very strong, they can still make a clear recording. This is useful not only for keeping evidence in the form of
videos and pictures, but also for assisting the driver in clearly viewing the traffic situation in front of or behind
the vehicle even in the face of very strong lights. Both cameras automatically start recording as long as there
is an SD card (not included) inserted in the SD card slot.


  • Wireless CarPlay, wireless Android Auto, wired Android Auto; Bluetooth 5.0 for HFP/A2DP etc.; External
    Microphone included for more convenient and clear vocal input.
  • Display Screen: Touch Screen 7- inch: 1024 * 600 QLED
  • Front recording camera and rear recording camera: Automatically starts recording with, SD card required
    (not included), both 1080P, Strong Light Suppression (records vehicle accidents even in strong lights,
    also assists in clear viewing), with Wide Dynamic Range;
  • Built-in Gravity-sensor automatically locks videos once it senses unusal changes in gravity (e.g. in a crash)
  • Super quick and easy installation with supplied mounts
  • 2 ways of power supply: accessory socket (12v and 24v both supported) and USB powering (5V 2A)
  • Built-in light sensor automatically adjusts screen brightness as the surrounding lighting changes (from
    the sunlit road into a tunnel, etc.); QLED display screen with a full 178 viewing angle, offering great
    view experience; The outstanding brightness of unit offers great visibility even in broad daylight with no
    need of a shade hood.
  • Easy setup of FM Audio Output and Auxiliary Audio Output to the head unit via factory head unit
  • Steering wheel remote control for easier operation; Phone Quick Charge with a dedicated USB port
  • Over-The-Air update: update head unit with just a phone to gain the most up to date features.
  • Warranty period: 1 year

Dual Recording Cameras Input

  • Provides both front recording camera input and rear recording camera input (both cameras included).
    Both cameras are 1080P with Wide Dynamic Range.
  • Both cameras have the strong light suppression feature.
  • Both cameras start recording automatically provided that an SD card (max. 128G) is in the slot.
  • The rear cameras extension cable has a backup light wire. Connect it to the backup light, and the
    rearview will automatically display on the head unit once the vehicle is in reverse. The front camera also
    comes with an extension cable
  • The built-in Gravity sensor automatically locks videos in the case of an accident. This ensures that
    crash footage is saved and easiliy found, and is not copied over.

6 Steps Before You Start Using Wireless CarPlay/Android Auto

  • Step 1: Open the package
  • Step 2: Suction mount head unit to windscreen or dash, or via air vent holder
  • Step 3: Instert the 2m long power plug into the accessory socket (supports 12V & 24V)
  • Step 4: Set up audio output to the head unit by either (a) FM output, set the head unit and factory head
    unit to the same FM frequency, or (b) auxiliary output, with a 3.5mm male-to-male auxiliary audio cable,
    (not included)
    Step 5: Connect your phone to the head unit via Bluetooth
  • Step 6: Start enjoying wireless Apple CarPlay / Android Auto

You can install the front and rear cameras (included), steering wheel remote control (included), and external
microphone (included). The head unit features a 17mm mounting ball adapter which is compatible with most
aftermarket holders.

Inputs and Outputs:

  • 3 USB ports: one USB-C for powering and media playback (reads max. 512G USB), one USB-A for phone
    quick charge, and one USB-A for wired Andoird Auto and media playback (reads max. 512G USB). Only
    audio and picture files are supported; videos are not supported
  • 1 SD card slot (max. 128G): for recording videos with the front and rear cameras, not for media playback
  • 1 External microphone jack: external microphone included
  • 1 Auxiliary audio output: use a 3.5mm male-to-male audio cable to connect this output to the auxiliary
    audio input on the head unit (not included)
  • 2 camera inputs: one for front recording camera (included), one for rear recording camera (included);
    both cameras come with an extension cable (the rear camera extension cable has a backup light wire).

Over-The-Air Update and Product Protection

  • ATOTO offers Over-The-Air (OTA) updates as a quick and convenient way of adding new features and
    reducing firmware issues. With just a phone, you can enter ATOTO's dedicated update system for
    updates to the latest version.
  • You have 1 Year of free product protection by default. Register your purchased products at the AOCSS
    system ( and you may get an extended 180-day product protection (see details
    announced there). Registering products helps you obtain support easily with top priority as we can
    access the initial order details & the product SN code.

7 Inch Dash/Windscreen Mount CarPlay Radio

SKU: 38-P807PR
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