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This remote control alarm is operated by multi code remote control.
Entry point protection of doors, boot and bonnet with a shock sensor.
Audible warning is achieved via a standard 115dB siren, visually via
the vehicle indicators and via a dash mounted high intensity red LED.
The system may provide keyless entry and a source of immobilisation

NOTEAuto - Arming (Anti-Hijack Function)
The system will auto arm 30 seconds after the system has been disarmed.
While the ignition is on the 30 second countdown is reset.
This feature is programmable.

The auto - arming function can be disabled - refer option 3 within the
owners manual at the bottom of the page.

Boot release pulse goes high for approximately 1 second - irrespective
of button press duration.


Arming procedure while ignition is off
The system will arm immediately if the main button of a valid remote
control is momentarily pressed, the doors will lock and all security
functions will become active

Disarming procedure
The system will disarm when the main button of a valid remote control is pressed


Immobilisation Circuit
The system features a 30 Amp rated, normally closed immobilisation circuit,
which breaks engine critical signals in the vehicle. Starter motor, fuel pump,
fuel injection, main ignition are commonly immobilised circuits

Safety circuitry in case of power failure
System sources alternate power from ignition if main power is lost

Component protection against harsh road conditions
All relays are fully encapsulated to provide protection against dust and moisture


System memory
Allows system to track two controllers

Controller re-programming
Service technician can delete lost or stolen controllers from memory


Plug and play for service
Designed to allow easy access for service technicians. Plugs and sockets
are located inside the main control module to protect against access by thieves


Emergency Personal Identification Number (PIN) override
Enter the secret two digits to override the immobiliser

Alterable PIN
A factory programmed PIN comes standard with each system.
It is recommended the owner of the system changes the PIN
to a new, easily remembered number

Visual Output

Super bright red dash LED
This LED flashes to inform user when system is armed. The LED is mounted
on the driver's side dash and is visible from outside the window

Arm/Disarm confirmation
System flashes car indicators when arming or disarming

Alarm illumination
System flashes car indicators when thief triggers alarm

Trigger diagnostics
System will flash indicators to report the last triggered circuit

Audio Output

Standard siren
Uses standard two wire 115dB siren

Arm/Disarm confirmation
System sounds a siren when arming and disarming

Temporary arm/disarm chirp disable
Momentarily press the second button of the remote control before pressing
the main button, the siren will not chirp during that one operation

Intrusion Detection

Doors, bonnet and boot monitoring
Triggers alarm system if intruder opens any protected entry point in vehicle

Accepts plug-in single stage shock sensor
Sensor measures vibration subjected to vehicle to detect intruder,
03-009 (refer below link for this part)

Central Locking

Locks and unlocks all doors
System can trigger factory central locking, aftermarket central locking or
central locking relays

Variable pulse time
Extend pulse length to drive pneumatic central locking systems (Mercedes)

Automatic re-locking
System will re-arm and re-lock doors if previously disarmed by remote
control and doors remain closed

Anti-hijacking protection
System locks doors when ignition is turned on, unlocks when ignition is turned off


Current draw

Wide Operating voltage
Operating voltage +9VDC to +15VDC

Operating temperature
-20 degrees to +85 degrees for equipment designed to be installed within vehicle cabin

Operating temperature
-20 degrees to +105 degrees for equipment designed to be installed inside
engine compartment

Polarity protection
The system circuitry is design to protect itself against accidental battery
polarity reversal. This can happen when replacing the vehicle battery

Independent indicator power fuse
System uses independent fuse to power indicators, ensures short circuit
in indicator circuit does not affect system operation

Short circuit protection
The power supply wire to the system is protected against an internal
fault within the system

Convenience Functions

Panic / Car Finder
Press and hold second button of remote control to cause siren to sound
and indicators to flash

Electric window closer
Provides signals used by electric window closers, system will close all
electric windows when armed by remote control

Electronic boot release
Press and hold the secondary remote control button to activate boot
release output. The indicators will flash four time each time the boot
release signal is sent

Standards Compliance

Manufactured in ISO9001 facility
Built within world standard production facility

Cyclops 12 Volt Vehicle Alarm Kit

SKU: 03-661-3
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