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The 03-P205 Cyclops 3 star transponder immobiliser is NZSA certified and is the ultimate fit-and-forget immobiliser.
The engine will start only when a valid transponder tag is hanging from the ignition keys. No user intervention required.

  • 2 independent circuits of immobilisation - uses robust 30 amp relays allowing immobilisation of usually both the ignition, fuel or starter motor.
  • Two coded transponders tags - individually coded (Auto Arm & Disarm).
  • Sufficient memory to track 4 independent Tags - oldest Tag is rolled off after programming 5th Tag.
  • High intensity LED -flashes when engine is immobilised.
  • Auto-arming - system arms within 39 seconds of ignition turn off.
  • Over-ride - easy to use and secure PIN in case of emergency.
  • Fail safe immobilisation circuitry - if system loses power or one ground while driving, engine continues running.
  • NZSA Certified & Manufactured in an ISO 9002 facility.


Installation guide:

Cyclops 3 Star 12 Volt Transponder Immobiliser

SKU: 03-P205
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