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Note: Philips retested this bulb and found that it is actually +200%.
We still have some stock with the old packaging which list it as +150%,
however it is +200%.

+200% Incredible performance from a road legal bulb.

100% improvement in lifetime over previous RacingVision range

If youre passionate about driving, let Philips RacingVision GT200 car bulbs elevate your
automotive experience. Up to 200% brighter light that shines over 80 meters longer means
better vision and faster reactions for a brighter and safer drive.

  • Up to 200% more light on the road
  • Striking beam throws light up to 80 meters further
  • Up to 3500K for more contrast and visibility
  • New patented screen printed coating technique delivers even more light onto the road.
  • New Philips Diamond Precision Quartz glass gives more clarity, more light and a sharper cut off line.
  • Up to 100% improvement in lifetime over previous RacingVision range.
  • ECE approved and road legal.

Philips RacingVision car bulbs are the perfect choice for passionate drivers. With an incredible performance
of up to 200% more brightness, you'll be able to react faster for a safer, more exciting driving experience.

See further and react faster with up to 200% more brightness
When driving at night you need the very best visibility. The further you can see clearly, the faster you can
react to whatever appears on the road. Philips RacingVision headlamps boost your visibility with up to 200%
more brightness. You'll recognise obstacles in your way earlier than with other, less powerful halogen bulbs.
So you get to enjoy a safer, more pleasant journey.

One of the brightest bulbs for excellent light performance
With better, brighter lights you're able to perform better on the road. With their optimised high-precision
filament geometry, up to 13-bar high-pressure gas filling, high-precision chrome coating and high-quality
UV-Quartz glass, Philips RacingVision headlights set a new standard in automotive lighting. Engineered for
performance and visibility, these headlights allow for a more relaxed, controlled and fun driving experience.

Brighter light for sporting drivers
Sporting drivers expect more performance from their cars. Bringing up to 200% more brightness on the
road, Philips RacingVision bulbs are homologated to provide you with a fun experience both on the road
and off-road.

Brighter lights mean no surprises and enhanced control
When driving at higher speeds on poorly lit country roads, you rely on the performance of your headlights.
When you're faced with an unexpected danger, reaction time is everything. Even split seconds can make a
crucial difference to your safety. The superior beam performance of the Philips RacingVision headlamp helps
you identify dangerous situations faster and stay in perfect control of your vehicle whatever road conditions
you're facing.

Improved light contrast for a safer, more exciting drive
Visual skills are pushed to the limit when you are driving at night. In low-light conditions, or when you are
experiencing glare from other vehicles, your ability to contrast between objects is significantly reduced.
This makes it harder to spot obstacles, such as a pedestrian on the road. The specific colour temperature in
Philips RacingVision headlights (available in H4 and H7) allows your eyes to focus better and perceive contrasts
in the distance. That makes you a safer road user. And with your limits increased, driving after dark is now a
more exciting experience.

Respecting the high quality standards of ECE homologation
We produce best-in-class Philips products in the Original Equipment Manufacturer market and the aftermarket.
Manufactured from high-quality products and tested to the highest specifications, our products are designed to
maximise the safety and comfort of our customers' driving experience. Our entire product range is thoroughly
tested, controlled and certified (ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and QSO 9000) to the highest ECE requirements.
Put simply, this is quality you can trust.

Strong road-legal headlights for darker conditions
Driving in winter is a challenge. But passionate drivers like to be tested. During those harsh winter months,
you need to know your headlights are up to the job. Just as you would adapt to wintery roads by choosing
winter tyres, so you should demand the best visibility when driving in these darker, more dangerous conditions.
Philips RacingVision headlamps give you more control in the toughest conditions, so you can worry less about
the road and enjoy every ride.

H4 12V RACINGVISION GT200 +200 12342RGTS2

SKU: 06-XD1260-RV

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