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Features: Switchmode Battery Charger 12/24 Volt 15amp 9 Stage Fully Automatic Charge, MCU controlled Charges all battery types including Lead Acid, GEL, MF, EFB, AGM and Calcium Maintains all battery sizes from 25Ah through to 250Ah XB2 Smart Processor automatically diagnoses, recovers, charges and maintains batteries Rescues drained batteries over 4.5 Volts for 12V and 16 Volts for 24 Volt batteries Power Supply function; 10amps at 13.6 Volts Manual maintenance charging, Memory function, Spark proof, fully protected against short circuit and reverse polarity protected Supplied with external temperature sensor to be mounted near battery to monitor temperature and in turn adjusts charge voltage IPX4 Rating and Protection Dimensions: 260 x 135 x 70mm (L x W x H)

Hulk 4x4 9 Stage Fully Auto Switchmode Battery Charger

SKU: HU6556

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