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Lithium Cobalt Battery Battery Capacity: 28,000mAh Starting Current: 1,200amp Peak Current: 2,500amp Charging time: 5-8 Hours Input: 15 Volt 1amp USB Output: 5 Volt 2.1amp DC Output: 12 / 16 / 19 Volt 3.5amp On / Off Switch 18 Volt 2amp Input Multi-function LED Display Shows charge level and current levels Dual 12 Volt and 19 Volt Outlets - both 3.5amp Dual USB Ports Can charge phones, mobiles devices etc. Black and Grey Rubberised Housing Multi-mode LED Flash light with solid, SOS and Strobe flash modes Cycle Life: 1,000+ cycles @ 80% depth of battery charge Reverse Polarity Protection Short Circuit and Over Discharging Protection Over heat Protection Operating Temperature: -20 C to +60 C Dimensions: 183mm (L) x 119mm (W) x 45mm (H) Warranty: 1 Year Portable Emergency Power Supply with High Energy Density Power

Can be safely stored in your vehicle in its EVA Protective Carry Case Jump starts your vehicle in less time and cost than calling a service vehicle Jump starts all Petrol vehicles up to 10L and Diesel vehicles up to 8L Can be used as a power source for most electronic devices. LED display shows remaining battery charge. With flashlight function Includes EVA Protective Carrying Case Spark Proof / Reverse Polarity Battery Clamps Car Charger Adaptor 4 in 1 USB Charging Cable 240 Volt AC Charger Laptop Adaptor Harness

Hulk Lithium Cobalt Jump Starter 28,000MaH 2,500 amp 10L Petrol 8L Diesel

SKU: HU6512

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