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Important note: To minimise potential issues during COF / WOF inspections
we strongly recommend that this lamp be wired independantly from other vehicle
lighting and run through a separate switch so that the driver can turn them on and
off from the drivers seat. You may be reuqired to install two lamps to meet regulations.

1.1km Usable Light!
Designed and manufactured in Australia!

The Nitro light bars are our premium choice in high performance LED lighting.
Featuring the Widr optic for width and a Contrl optic for distance, the Nitro
Light Bar takes performance to another level.

Both base rail mounts (supplied), and end feet mounts (optional - see below link)
are available, ensuring that fitment is simple in any application. A polycarbonate
outer lens cover, complete wiring harness and anti-theft nuts are supplied with each
light bar.

Get ready to light up the night as you take on any terrain and conditions to discover
all the hidden gems that New Zealand has to offer get off the tarmac or onto the
rough stuff, from the sands of remote beaches to the mud of the wetlands or rocky
mountain tracks, take it all on with performance that leads, not follows.

Thanks to recent breakthroughs in LED technology, combined with Ultra Visions
innovative Reflector design and registered Widr optic, the Nitro Maxx range offers
the best distance and width currently available from any driving lights or lightbars
on the market.

Built to take on the toughest punishment and still produce premium performance,
theres nothing that they cant handle. Made in Australia, and supplied with a 5-year
warranty on lights and a lifetime warranty on bracketry; you can rely on Nitro Maxx
to turn night into day.

Dont miss anything on your next adventure, find the perfect camping spot or get to
that illusive lookout! Get the premium power you need from Nitro Maxx driving lights
and light bars and let Ultra Vision light the way

1.1km Usable Light
Wattage: 150
Feature: Adjustable High Beam / Low Beam Function
Light Source: 30 x 5W LEDs
Light Output Raw: 18,480 Lumens
Light Output Effective: 13,295 Lumens
Voltage: 9-36V
Current Draw @ 13.5V: 12A
Operating Temp: -40C to +80C
Waterproof Rating: IP68
Connector Type: 2 Pin std Deutsch
Housing: 6063 T5 Aluminium
Lens Construction: Polycarbonate
Bracket: Sliding Base / Side
Colour Temperature: 5700K
Lifespan: 50,000 Hours
Diameter/Dimensions: 465mm (18")
Net Weight: 2.5kg
EMC Rating: CISPR 25 Class 3
Mounting Suitable: Base Rail Mount
Beam Pattern: Combo WIDR
Harness: Included - Note: Relay supplied with harness is 12V. You wil need to purchase a relay
to suit if installing in 24V applications
Warranty: 5 Years


Group :Driving / Light Bar
Type :Combination
Feature :Suppression - Full
Output :150W - 18480lm
Size :465 x 95 x 92mm - 18 Inch
Comment :With Harness & Rail Mounts

LED Light Bar 150W 18 Inch With High/Low Function

SKU: 19-044
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